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Product IDDescriptionCost (GBP) 
BFV1FULLCrafty49s Book Folding Pattern Maker V1, Full16.99
BFV1TRIAL6Crafty49s Book Folding Pattern Maker V1, Trial 6 Months8.99
BFV1UPGRADECrafty49s Book Folding Pattern Maker V1, Upgrade to Full8.99
CCV1FULLCutter Controller V1, Full19.99
CCV1TRIAL6Cutter Controller V1, Trial 6 Months9.99
CCV1UPGRADECutter Controller V1, Upgrade to Full10.99
CONV10001000 Conversion Credits10.99
CONV200200 Conversion Credits3.49
CONV500500 Conversion Credits6.99